Strategy and Policies

  • To contribute to sustainable development by discharging corporate social responsibilities.
  • To lead the sector in the areas of resettlement & rehabilitation, environment protection including effective ash utilization, peripheral development and energy conservation practices.
  • To lead development efforts in the Indian power sector through efforts at policy advocacy, assisting customers in reforms, disseminating best practices in the operation and management of power plants etc.


NTPC is committed to generating and providing reliable power at competitive prices in a sustainable manner by optimising the use of multiple energy resource with innovative eco-friendly technologies thereby contributing to the economic development of the nation, social upliftment of the society and promoting a healthy environment.

In this process, NTPC shall strive to:

  • Contribute towards clean and sustainable environment with respect to land, water and air
  • Conserve resources by reduction, reuse and recycling
  • Initiate and support measures to optimise the use of renewable energy, increase energy efficiency and reduce Green House Gases emissions.
  • Support the measures for biodiversity conservation by following the practices of protecting, conserving and restoring ecosystems.
  • Be transparent, ethical and fair to all stakeholders
  • Be supportive in developing and enhancing people’s standard of living in and around the plants.
  • Generate awareness, share knowledge and support training programmes on sustainable development among the employees, neighbouring communities and public at large