NETRA Marketing

NETRA is actively involved in carrying out various Research and Technology Development Activities and has developed many innovations during the course of time. We are also in the process of patenting these innovations. For the benefits of society, it is desired that these technologies should be disseminated by commercialization.

Following is the list of technology available for commercialization in first phase:

  • Solar Thermal Air conditioning
  • Solar Thermal Cooking
  • Generation of drinking from sea water using waste heat of flue gas
  • Flue Gas based Air conditioning system
  • Floater PV
  • Centralized solar Forecasting solution
  • Robotic Cleaning system of Solar PV
  • Canal Top solar PV on CW channel
  • NePPS
  • CFD Projects & Consultancy
  • pH control of Ash pond recirculation water using flue gas
  • Gas turbine blade coating assessment using FSECT frequency scanning eddy current
  • Ultrasonic phase ray inspection of root region of LP turbine blade
  • Development of nano lubricant of ISO VG 68 grade
  • Reduction of water consumption
  • Reduction of boiler tube leakage
  • DM plant optimization
  • FRP Optimization
  • Power Chemistry data validation and process optimization


Apart from technology development, world class advance Lab facilities at NETRA provide scientific services to in house power stations as well as to external power utilities.

NABL ISO 17025 accredited Labs :10

SL.No SL.No Lab
1 Analytical Lab 6 Transformer Oil Lab
2 Water Treatment Tech Lab 7 Metallurgy & Failure Analysis Lab
3 Environmental Science Lab 8 NDE & Imaging Lab
4 Corrosion Analysis Lab 9 Creep Lab
5 Coal & Combustion Lab 10 Lub Oil & Tribology Lab

Advance process Lab: 5

  • Advance Computing Lab
  • CFD Lab
  • Rotor Dynamic Lab
  • Robotics and sensor
  • X-Ray, Nano & Coating Lab

New test Introduced

  • Partial Discharge in Transformer
  • Robotic Inspection of LTSH/ Economizer Tube
  • Vibration Analysis of Rotating Equipment



For further queries undersigned may be contacted:

Contact Person
Sh. Shyamal Bhattacharjee
Mobile : +91-9650994213
Sh. U K Arora
Email :
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