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NETRA Vendor Meet-2017

05th Apr, 2017

NTPC NETRA C&M Department organized its first ever Vendor Meet was attended by more than 200 vendors. The Meet was inaugurated by Shri A K Jha, Dir (T), Shri A K Sinha, ED (Engg), Shri T R Dutta, ED (CC&M), Shri R K Srivastava, ED (NETRA) who shared their views and informed about the NETRA’s future plans in research and development area on the occasion.

Senior officials from finance, engineering and ERP/IT groups of NTPC interacted with the vendors.. Major Companies viz Beijing Huaxia MeTech, China, ABB, GE T&D, Thermax, L&T, SYC Global, Green Power, IRIS Power, Elico Marketing, Cummins India, etc actively participated and provided very useful suggestions during the meet.

Shri NM Gupta, GM (NETRA) discussed the issues concerning e-Procuremnet in NTPC with a view to make the procurement process more efficient. Shri Ajay Kumar, AGM informed the audience regarding upcoming implementation of GePNIC module in NTPC.

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