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ITI Adoption

The Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) were conceived as the fountainhead of vocational education in India and the nursery for trained manpower required for skill based careers of which there is a gigantic shortage. However over time, these institutions lost their edge due to a number of reasons such as a rigid training structure, inadequate trained vocational instructors, lack of modern equipment and machinery and weak linkage with Industry. These deficiencies created a mismatch between the trained manpower produced by the ITIs and those required by the industry.

Concerned by the grave situation, the Union Government introduced a scheme for the up-gradation of the ITIs under a Public-Private Partnership model (PPP). The scheme envisaged the up-gradation of the ITIs through a tripartite arrangement between State Governments (owners of the ITI, shall continue the recurring expenditure and appoint new instructors), Central Government (the funding partner for the up-gradation) and an Industry (who provide management expertise to run the ITI).

NTPC is a proud partner in this noble venture which will go a long way in improving the quality of vocational education in the country and make it demand driven so as to ensure better employability of the graduates. The process begins with the identification of these institutes in the vicinity of the plants. This is followed by getting the consent from the State Governments for adopting the respective ITIs followed by the formation of the Institute Management Committee (IMC). The IMC includes members from local industry and nominees of the State Government. A Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) is then signed between the three parties concerned. The IMC then prepares an Institute Development Plan (IDP) and applies for an interest free loan. This is examined by a state level steering committee and then based on the comments the Central Government sanctions the IMC, which is payable after 10 years in equal annual installments over a period of 20 years. In addition to the adoption of ITIs in the PPP scheme, NTPC has also entered into a MoA with the State Governments of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh for the up-gradation of ITIs at Faridabad and Dadri respectively.

NTPC has adopted 17 ITIs as well as constructing 9 new ones at various locations to bridge the skill gap; creating 1530 seats in them. The new ITIs are being set up at Chatra, Salakati, Solapur,Balouda, Chorbhatti, Naktu, Barkagaon, Salhawas and Nabinagar. New trades relevant to the local industry are being added in most of the adopted ITIs. The instructors have been provided with superior training to ensure qualitative teaching by them. A detailed action plan for the revival of the ITIs chalked out by the Nodal Officers of these projects/ plants has been in place for some time. Its salient features include a makeover for the classrooms and the institute buildings, upgrading the libraries and new machinery for the workshops & laboratories.

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ITI students at their workshop

ITI students at their workshop.

ITI Students in the class

ITI Students in the class.

Students of wiremen trade

Students of wiremen trade concentrating on practical at ITI Olpad Adopted by NTPC Anta.